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Ellfiore is a cosmetic product line for today’s modern woman who loves life. We are honoured to introduce a revolutionary skin care line of products that was specifically developed for the enhancement, improvement, regeneration, recovery and replenishment of your skin.






Ellfiore und Organix

The Ellfiore offer to you

With each order up to 40,oo Euro  you receive a free Mango or Kiwi & Pear Shower Gel or a
Hydro Body Cream in addition.





Ellfiore und Organix

Our service to you.

We will gladly send you samples of our Organix (Lifting Serum) and 
Ellfiore (B.I. Day Cream) line.


Anti-Aging Revolution
Until now, injecting skin with Botox was considered the most successful method against aging of skin.

Now there is an effective, revolutionary alternative to painful and expensive injections. Recent research studies have shown that a single peptide, obtained from natural amino acids, reduce the contraction of muscles as well as can diminish the depth and length of facial wrinkles. The Munich based cosmetic company Ellfiore has now integrated this active ingredient in a revolutionary skin care line for face and body.

Experience this unique cosmetic transformation!